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Copay(s) or Deductibles are due at the time services are rendered. Prior to your appointment our office will verify your insurance benefits directly with your insurance company to the best of our ability. However, it is your responsibility to be aware of any co-payment or co-insurance that is required by your insurance. Please notify us if any changes arise with your insurance plan or policy.

Account balances will be processed by the billing department and submitted to your insurance company for payment.

In some circumstances insurance companies may ask for additional information regarding the office evaluation to process the claim. Any requested medical information will be submitted for their review.

Any balances that arise after your insurance company has processed the claim will be directed to the family member responsible for the account. Payment is due upon receipt of this bill. If payment cannot be made you must contact our office immediately to discuss terms for payment (713-464-9776). Bills are mailed monthly until 90 days. Failure to pay the account balance after 90 days will lead us to forward your account to a collection agency for processing.

If an account remains unpaid additional office evaluations cannot be scheduled nor any telephone counseling provided.

For all billing concerns please call (713)464-9776 or email us.